DJ Spivey has done it again with another powerfully soulful mix to begin the new year!


This time, Mobi Dixon’s incredible tune “Mixed Up Chick” (featuring Ms. Monique Bingham), blended with sultry tunes from Black Coffee, Julian Gomes, and Stephanie Cooke, make for quite the amazing rhythmic journey… Enjoy!


dj-spiveyDJ SPIVEY is a Detroit-born DJ and artist.  With dozens of passion-filled mixes, he covers beautiful landscapes from jazz to latin to deep house/techno music grooves.  His own brand of dance music would prompt him to start mixing on the web via YouTube and Soundcloud channels, acquiring a hefty following over the years.

You can find his music here:

DJ Spivey – YouTube / DJ Spivey – Facebook / DJ Spivey – Soundcloud