Is Surfing the Solution to Our Health Problems?

Surfing provides a number of physical and mental health benefits.
Is Surfing the Solution to Our Health Problems?

Living such a busy life, as we all do, means that we've got to find shortcuts to health and wellness that covers so many bases. We don't necessarily have the time to invest in three or four-hour-long workouts every week which is why we've got to find the right workout that covers all of our bases. This is where surfing comes in. Surfing provides a number of physical and mental health benefits. So let's show you what it can do in every single way.

It is an All-Body workout

One of the biggest shocks to the system, when people start surfing, is that they underestimate how much of a physical sport it really is. Something like running works out your legs or when you are training with weights you are typically working a couple of different body parts but surfing is a full body workout because you have to tense your body in order to stay rigid on that surfboard while everything underneath moves. 

It's important to start surfing slowly but surely, which is why you could benefit from paddle boards and oars just to build up that base of strength. Products like the ISLE paddleboard are a great starting point here. Make no mistake, because you are working your core triceps biceps pectorals obliques, the lumbar muscles as well as your legs, and even your buttocks, you are getting a full body workout that is toning almost everything. 

Lots of people think that to get stronger they should just do weights but the most important starting point is an understanding of your body which is where surfing is invaluable.

The Calorie Burn

Most of us are looking to lose a little bit of weight or some feel that there's a lot that we could shed. Surfing could be the solution as it can burn off up to 160 calories in the space of 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on your activity in the water. It's important to remember that in addition to surfing, you are also swimming. Swimming is an amazing workout all in itself because you are having to paddle against the resistance of the water and you will soon understand just how fit or unfit you truly are. Because you are out in the water and there's a great pressure for you to think or swim, literally. You will work harder and paddle as if your life depends on it and this means with greater exertion means greater calorie loss.

Is Surfing the Solution to Our Health Problems?
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The Immune System Boost

There are two factors at play here. Firstly, there’s the cold water factor. Lots of people are now taking to immersing their body in cold water to stimulate natural healing properties, reduce inflammation and therefore boost the immune system. When you go in the water this is cold therapy at its most visceral, which can stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost your natural healing powers. 

Additionally, spending time outside in the sun means you will have a high dose of vitamin D. So many people don't have enough vitamin D in their diet. Vitamin D will strengthen your bones and keep your immune system in check. Instead of having to take vitamin supplements you can just get outside and cover both of these health bases. 

Also, surfing is going to be one heck of a workout and therefore you will sleep better at night. Sleep quality is critical and will be a far more rejuvenating practice than sleep being fitful as most of us do. Lots of people struggle to sleep and the solution is, very simply, a great workout.

The Mental Health Benefits

Surfers tend to have a very relaxed temperament and there are a number of mental health benefits of surfing. Because going out onto the water is a very meditative practice as your body starts to tune into the rhythms of the waves and improves your flow state, you are less likely to experience insomnia or anxiety. 

Additionally, exposing yourself to situations that can be intimidating like being out on the waves can help you to face down those other pressures in your daily life. One of the best ways to inoculate our fear response is to slowly dose ourselves which we can do by exposing ourselves to the cold but also recognizing that something as unforgiving as the waves can boost our mental health.

As surfing is a very physical exercise that can improve your posture and make you feel better in yourself, if you are on the hunt for something that is a complete solution to your physical and mental ailments, this might very well be the thing.

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