Common Cosmetic Embarrassments and What To Do

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Common Cosmetic Embarrassments and What To Do
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There are many cosmetic embarrassments that almost all of us can relate to. These include things that aren’t necessarily medical in nature and can be remedied with OTC treatments and some personal TLC. From acne to personal odors, here are a handful of the worst culprits.

Dry Skin Problems

By far, one of the most common complaints is dry skin. There are many reasons why your skin can dry out, and there is often nothing to worry about. Despite the appearance of scaly, flaky skin, almost always you don’t need to see a dermatologist and can rectify this yourself. First, stop taking hot showers and baths. Despite being in the water, the heat can dehydrate your skin and strip it of its protective oils. You should also drink water and moisturize at least each night.

Common Cosmetic Embarrassments and What To Do
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Cosmetic Embarrassments Include Acne

Do you remember when you were a teenager and acne broke out all over your face, neck, and back? If not, you are lucky, but acne is very common. Yet acne can also carry on into adulthood and affects around 25% of women and 12% of men well into their 40s. There may be no cure for this. But you can reduce the effects with a dermatological skincare routine that includes exfoliating and OTC cleansers that include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and retinoids.

Too Much Hair

Depending on where you are from and your culture, hair is viewed differently. For example, women in the US and UK are expected and indeed adhere to having minimal body hair. While on the European and African continents, it is expected and respected. And for men, it can be a symbol of masculinity. Yet, having too much body hair is very personally subjective. Some love it, and some hate it. Shaving is traditional, but laser hair removal is a more effective treatment.

Common Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

Dreaded Panda Eyes

No one likes having panda eyes. This condition can make you look ill when you aren’t and just doesn’t look good. It can even make you look like you have had a little too much fun the night before, which isn’t great for work. Fortunately, you can prevent and remove panda eyes easily:

  • Use vitamin C eye creams and roll-ons to remove dark circles from under your eyes.

  • Moisturizing can help remove the puffy look of panda eyes throughout the day.

  • Getting enough sleep is also a great way to prevent the visibility of dark circles.

Your diet can also play a role in showing dark circles under your eyes. Fresh fruit with plenty of vitamins, especially C, can help remove the dark circles. If you can’t afford some of these treatments, using a cold compress or even cold tea bags can help remove the puffiness.

Not a Great Smile

In one survey from recent years, over half of the people asked about their teeth said they weren’t happy with them. And this included people with a genuinely perfect smile. However, thinking you have bad teeth, whether you do or not, can be a main cause of anxiety. You may not smile in photos, and it can be a strange social awkwardness. Good oral hygiene and seeing your dentist often is a good start. But you can also seek cosmetic treatments for a better smile.

Cosmetic Embarrassments Like Odors

Personal body odor is among the most embarrassing things you can have because it can affect those around you. Even if you are very clean and use deodorant, it can still be a bother and a great cause of anxiety. Common causes are heat, of course, but also hormones, obesity, and chronic conditions like diabetes. The best thing you can do is clean yourself with good soap and exfoliate your problem areas so the pores are cleansed, and use very good deodorant.

Blemishes, Redness, and Uneven Skin Tone

Most people get embarrassed about an uneven skin tone because it is immediately noticeable. Makeup helps cover this, but it won’t work on the cause. And it isn’t an option for most men. Staying out of the sun can help in some cases, and certain chemicals like vitamin C, alpha hydroxy, and niacinamide are known to even out the tone. For more severe cases, you can book an appointment with a dermatologist for a chemical peel or even laser skin treatment.


Dry skin is among the most common cosmetic embarrassments. Others include too much hair and even panda eyes. Most of these can be rectified with OTC treatments. But some, like an uneven skin tone, require treatment from a dermatologist or expert in some severe cases.

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