What To Look for in a Facial Moisturizer

What To Look for in a Facial Moisturizer

If it isn't already, moisturizer should be an essential part of your skin care routine. Moisturizer is critical for adding hydration back into your pores and preventing dry, cracking, or peeling skin. Even those with naturally oily skin and acne should still use an effective moisturizer.

But what makes a moisturizer suitable? This article will share what to look for in a facial moisturizer. Learn more below.

Creams vs. Lotions

When browsing for a facial moisturizer, the first consideration to keep in mind is consistency. Choosing a heavier or lighter moisturizer may be more beneficial depending on how naturally oily or dry your skin is.

Using a cream-based moisturizer will provide a thicker, heavier coverage for those who suffer from chronically dry skin. Since winter dryness causes breakouts, investing in a quality cream moisturizer is critical.

Oily skin types will instead prefer lotions since these products are lighter. However, choosing a moisturizer that gives you the best amount of coverage needed for your face will prevent oil overproduction and stop breakouts in their tracks.

Morning vs. Afternoon Moisturizer

Most people don't realize that dermatologists recommend using two separate morning and afternoon moisturizers to keep skin healthy. Several factors differ between morning and night creams and lotions.

First, most morning moisturizers are considerably lighter than nighttime creams. Since you're more likely to produce sweat and oil throughout the day, a more lightweight morning moisturizer will be better suited for locking in moisture. In contrast, nighttime creams are thicker to provide more intense repair to the skin.

Fragrance-Infused vs. Fragrance-Free

Regardless of whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, under no circumstances should you buy a moisturizer that includes a fragrance. Not only are perfumes highly irritating to the skin, but these chemicals also come from a wide range of ingredients that should not come into contact with skin.

Moisturizer without fragrance is more likely to hydrate pores without adding unnecessary chemicals or provoking a breakout.

Don't be fooled by floral or citrus scents. Instead, always choose a fragrance-free lotion.

Sun Protection

The most important item on our list of what you should look for in a facial moisturizer is sun protection. Regardless of consistency or type, any moisturizer you buy should include an SPF of at least 15 or higher. In all four seasons of the year, the sun's UV rays contact people's skin and leave lasting sun damage.

Even if this damage does not result in sunburn, other side effects such as premature wrinkles and skin discoloration are likely to occur. Therefore, before purchasing a facial moisturizer, ensure that this product contains enough SPF to keep your skin protected at all times.

Keep your skin clean, clear, and moisturized this winter. Following these tips will ensure that you avoid breakouts, cracking, and peeling skin.

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